Create a Stunning Look for Your Car or Truck with Body Trim Accessories

Did your new car or truck come from the factory with absolutely no paint protection against door dings, nicks and scratches? Keep your car looking new with our high-quality painted body side moldings. We offer you the ability to finish the job by adding the final touches the factory neglected. Our customized painted moldings and body protection pieces are sure to bring your cars look to its potential. Giving an appearance of aircraft technology, these moldings add an aerodynamic touch that would make even a family sedan look sporty and a sports car look breath taking.

Our side moldings and auto trim are manufactured to your vehicle specifications and come with factory-formed ends providing the best new car paint protection. Every order is custom painted to the exact OEM factory color to match your vehicles paint perfectly. Trim out your ride today, the results are amazing!

Protect Your Car with Painted Body Side Molding

Painted Body Side Moldings Want to keep your beautiful car in mint condition? There is no better way to protect your vehicle than auto body side molding and body trim. Not only do these door moldings serve as a shield defending you against future mishaps - you also create a customized look making your vehicle stand out. Our auto body side molding is customized to deliver an exact fit and painted to perfectly match your (OEM) factory paint job.

We specialize in only these highly sought after and valuable trim accessories. Here you can find everything from custom painted body side moldings, chrome body side molding to color insert molding , painted spoilers and chrome moldings are all for the lowest possible prices.

Not an auto body expert? Don't worry. You don't need to be with our products that are so simple to install, anybody can apply these self-adhesive body trim pieces in minutes. All items we sell come complete with everything you need to install your body molding. As an added bonus, these products make use of the highest quality 3M acrylic foam tape that delivers incredible stability and reliability.

Rear Bumper Guards for Chevy, Ford, Toyota and More

We take car body protection seriously. Very seriously. Not only will you find the stunning protection for your doors, you will also discover a plethora of rear bumpers guards, too! Your bumper is one of the most vulnerable surface areas on your vehicle. Loading and unloading the cargo area of your vehicle can take its toll on your rear bumper no matter how careful you are. Due to its location, this area serves as a convenient loading dock and the final result is unsightly scratches, scuffs and scrapes. Our rear bumper protection accessories are the only way to keep this area clean and like new for years to come. Our rear bumper guards are designed to fit your car's rear bumper perfectly for superior bumper protection. The only way.

Browse Our Complete Lineup

With painted moldings of every type. You can add a chrome strip or color insert to any of our moldings. Make your vehicle stand with a painted spoiler or add that Factory Style Spoiler you always wanted. You can accent and protect your wheels with the many color options of our Rim Trim wheel protection.

No matter what vehicle model you own, you will find what you are looking for here. We carry a huge selection of molding, body trim, rear bumper protection and auto side trim for Japanese, American and European models including Acura, Chrysler, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Audi, Dodge, Kia, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Lexus, Pontiac, Volvo, Buick, Honda, Lincoln, Saturn, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Hyundai, Mazda, Scion, Chevrolet, GMC, Infiniti and Mercury in factory styles. You can also find universal side molding for all makes and models. What color suits you? Take your pick from painted trim matched perfectly to your OEM paint color, colored trim and chrome trim accessories available.