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Audi Q5 Body Side Molding with Chrome Insert

Audi Q5 Body side molding is a brilliant way to protect your car from unwanted dents, scrapes and dings. Accidents cannot be predicted, but they can be avoided simply by thinking ahead. Why not make a small investment that could preserve your car? You are at risk of damage whether parked in your driveway or at the grocery store so, why not think ahead?

Not only are you adding body armor to possibly most expensive investment second only to a house, body side molding with chrome insert adds character and style. These easy-to-install side molding accessories are adhesive backed and custom-fit to add definition that separates you and the look alikes you might pass throughout your daily commute.

Audi Q5 Painted Side Molding Reduce Door Dings
Audi Q5 Painted Body Side Molding with a Chrome Insert ( 2018 - 2021 )
List Price: $221.90
Our Price: $142.50
You save $79.40!
Audi Q5 Painted Body Side Molding with Chrome Insert will protect your Audi Q5 from door dings, scratches, and other possible road hazards. This set of 4 pre-measured side moldings is custom painted to match your factory OEM paint.
<h2>High Quality Car Accessories</h2>
<span style="font-size: 14px;">With different color varieties and styles, you can add your own artistic signature - personalizing your car to your very own taste. With low cost, little installation time, easy-to-read instructions, you can't go wrong with these sturdy car accessories that can take the brunt of door-to-door collisions or parking lot mishap. Plus, you can rest assured knowing the added protection is going to stay mounted securely regardless the weather. Body side molding is a must!
Protect your car from scratches and peels with these easy-to-install body side moldings with chrome insert. These custom body side moldings will match the color of your car perfectly. We undertake moldings for high-end Cars, SUV's, Trucks, and many, many more.</span><br/><br/>
<h3>What are body side moldings?</h3>
<span style="font-size: 14px;">Automotive side moldings are defensive and attractive strips of a dent-defiant chrome or polymer that are attached to your car. These moldings can be custom-painted to go with or contrast your vehicles or trucks original color or simply be completed with a protective outside layer (as with the chrome moldings) to protect them from the sun, rainfall and snow.
Body side moldings with chrome insert add body armor to probably the priciest possession that is only second to your home. Body side molding with chrome insert also adds personality and style to your vehicle. These side moldings can be easily installed and are adhesive backed and tailor-made to add character that separates you from other road users. Our side moldings are sourced from finest quality chrome parts available in today's market!</span>