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Buick Verano Color Body Side Molding

Use your imagination to dream up the hottest accent color for your vehicle with these Buick Verano colored body side moldings with color inserts. Whether you decide to go bold and select a powerful color to create an impact, or prefer subtle styling with a neutral tone these versatile color strips allow you to customize your ride.

A visual enhancement thats sure to bring out your cars potential body side molding provides the protection you need for those crowded parking lots and looks fantastic. Our technology ensures you receive colored body side moldings that are matched up exactly to your Buick Verano OEM paint color.

Buick Verano Painted Side Molding Reduce Door Dings
Painted Body Side Molding with Black Insert for Buick Verano ( 2012 - 2015 )
List Price: $221.90
Our Price: $142.50
You save $79.40!
Buick Verano Painted Body Side Molding with Color Insert will protect your Buick Verano from door dings, scratches, and other possible road hazards. This set of 4 pre-measured side moldings is custom painted to match your factory OEM paint. Painted Body Side Molding with Color Insert for Buick Verano.

Quality Product Built to Last

Constructed of a lightweight durable plastic, this molding custom fits to your vehicle and serves as a protective force field that prevents future devaluation of your vehicle. Buy your custom Buick Verano body side molding today from for the lowest possible price.