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Hyundai Tucson Body Side Moldings with Chrome Inserts

Hyundai Tucson Body side moldings with chrome inserts add an alluring visual effect to your car. Prevent a probable ding, scratch or mishap that is waiting for your Hyundai Tucson somewhere during the future. Like framing a picture with the perfect contrast or color blend, these enhancements offer tasteful edging to enhance the appearance of your Hyundai Tucson. Plus, they are incredibly simple to install and take very little of your time.

Hyundai Tucson chrome body side molding serves as the body armor that will protect against those sure-to-happen events that leave your car (expensive investment) devalued. Pennies on the dollar in comparison to a new paint job, Hyundai Tucson body side molding with chrome inserts are an inexpensive, easy-to-install body enhancement that shines forth as only intelligence.

Hyundai Tucson Painted Side Body Moldings with Chrome Inserts
Hyundai Tucson Painted Body Side Molding with a Chrome Insert ( 2016 - 2021 )
List Price: $221.90
Our Price: $142.50
You save $79.40!


Hyundai Tucson Painted Body Side Molding with Chrome Insert will protect your Tucson from door dings, scratches, and other possible road hazards. This set of 4 pre-measured side moldings is custom painted to match your factory OEM paint.

Sporty Styling Combined With Functionality

With chrome body side molding you are not only purchasing an enhanced look but entering a battlefield armed with a shield. Unaffected by any type of weather condition - our Hyundai Tucson body side molding is sure to stay in place. Moreover, with easy-to-follow instructions and a custom fit, you will have these new car accessories installed in a matter of seconds.